A reservoir, with a pattern area of 30 acres, is to be water flooded with a five-spot pattern.The reservoir is 15 ft thick and has a porosity of 0.13 and the initial water saturation is0.38 which is considered immobile. Viscosities of oil and water are 2.3 and 1.1 cp respectively. The residual oil saturation is 0.21. FVF’s for oil and water are assumed to be 1.0. Relative permeability data corresponding to the displacement of oil by water are given in the following equations: k_{r o}=\left(1-S_{w D}\right)^{242} k_{n=}=0.78 S_{w D}^{3,8} where: S_{w D}=\frac{\left(S_{w}-S_{b w}\right)}{\left(1-S_{o r}-S_{w}\right)} Assume a pressure drop of 500 psi, K= 0.1 darcy, rw=0.5 ft. 1- Using CGM method and Caudle-Witte approach, predict the performance of the waterflooding. - At water fractional flow of 0.92, calculate the NPV given the following (OP =40$/STB, WIC=1.08 $/STB, WHC = 0.75 $/STB, DF = 0.09) \text { Plot } N_{p}, W_{i}, W p, q_{t}, q_{o}, q_{w}, f_{w}, \bar{S}_{w}, \text { versus time. }

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