8) A direct-mapped cache consists of eight blocks. A byte-addressable main memory contains4K blocks of eight bytes each. Access time for the cache is 22 ns and the time required to filla cache slot from main memory is 300 ns (this time will allow us to determine the block is missing and bring it into cache). Assume a request is always started in parallel to both cache and to main memory (so if it is not found in cache, we do not have to add this cache search time to the memory access). If a block is missing from cache, the entire block is brought into the cache and the access is restarted. Initially, the cache is empty. a) Show the main memory address format that allows us to map addresses from ma inmemon to cache Be sure to incluude the fields as vwell as their sizes b) Compute the hit ratio for a program that loops 4 times from locations 0 to 6710 in memory. c) Compute the effective access time for this program.

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