A site developer would like to construct a fitness center (think LA Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, etc.) at a site in LA county. However, this site is characterized by a

surficial layer (20' thick) of relatively loose, granular soil with low percentages of fines. The liquefaction risk for the site is relatively high, and the estimated amount of liquefaction-induced settlement is intolerable. The preliminary suggestion to the developer was to install pile foundations down to a stiffer sublayer, but the cost is prohibitive. The developer is looking for alternative more cost-effective solutions. As a geotechnical engineer for a company that specializes in ground improvement, write a brief proposal to the developer (2 paragraphs) suggesting two ground improvement techniques that could be used on this site. Include two advantages and two disadvantages for each method. Remember to be specific - you're trying to win the construction bid to complete this work for her site. At least one of your two suggestions should be a chemical ground modification method.

Fig: 1