A small water slide is to be installed inside a swimming pool. See Fig. C6.3. The slide manufacturer recommends a continuous water flow rate Q of 1.39 X 10¬³ m'/s

(about22 gal/min) down the slide, to ensure that the customers do not burn their bottoms. A pump is to be installed under the slide, with a 5.00-m-long, 4.00-cm-diameter hose supply-ing swimming pool water for the slide. The pump is80 percent efficient and will rest fully submerged 1.00 m below the water surface. The roughness inside the hose is about 0.0080 cm. The hose discharges the water at the top of the slide as a free jet open to the atmosphere. The hose outlet is 4.00 m above the water surface. For fully developed turbulent pipe flow, the kinetic energy flux correction factor is about 1.06. Ignore any minor losses here. Assume that p = 998 kg/m³ and v = 1.00 × 10-6 m²/s for this water. Find the brake horsepower (that is, the actual shaft power in watts) required to drive the pump.

Fig: 1