]A steady, incompressible, two-dimensional velocity field is given by \vec{V}=(u, v)=(0 .[A]+\mathbb{B} .8 x) \hat{\imath}+(1 . C]-B] .8 y) \hat{\jmath} where the x- and y- coordinates are in meters and

the magnitude of velocity is in m/s. A stagnation point is defined as a point in the flow field where the velocity is identically zero. \text { (if your last } 4 \text { digits are: ...1 } 230 \text { , then: } \vec{V}=(u, v)=(0.1+2.8 x) \hat{\imath}+(1.3-2.8 y) \hat{\jmath}) Determine if there are any stagnation points in this flow field and if there is where?а. b. Plot several streamlines in the right half of the flow (x > 0). \text { Hint: } \int(a x+b)^{-1} d x=\frac{1}{a} \ln |a x+b|+C

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