A steel wide-flange column of W14 × 82 shape (following figure 2) is pin-supported at the ends and has a length of 25 ft. The column supports a centrally applied load P1load P2 = 40k. Bending takes place about axis 1-1 of the cross section, and the eccentric load a cts on= 320k and an eccentrically applied a xis 2-2 at a distance of 13.5in from the centroid C. a) Using the secant formula, and assuming E30000 ksi, calculate the maximum compressive stress in the column. b) If the yield stress for the steel is oy = 42 ksi, what is the factor of safety with respect to yielding? The required properties of W14 × 82 shape are: A (area) = 24.1 in?, r (radius of gyration)= 6.05 in, c=14.31/2 = 7.155 in (see the figure 3)

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