(a) The single phase half-bridge inverter in Fig.Q6(a), has a load with resistance of R = 25 £2.The DC input voltage of Vs =100 V. (i)Sketch the load voltage and current waveforms. (ii) Calculate the output power Po. (iii) Determine the peak current of each transistor. (iv) The total harmonic distortion (THD) in the output voltage

(b) A single phase 50 Hz bridge rectifier is fed at 240 V (rms). The load is a resistance of 350 ohms. Design an LC filter for the purpose of providing a maximum ripple factor of 5% in the load. The design should specify suitable values for L and C. Explain any assumptions made. The output/input voltage ratio of the filter is given by: \frac{V_{\text {out }}}{V_{\text {in }}}=\left|\frac{1}{1-\omega^{2} L C}\right|

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