6. A 100-ml water sample is collected from the activated sludge process of municipal wastewater treatment. The sample is placed in a drying dish (weight 0.5000 g before the sample is added), and then placed in an oven at 104°C until all the moisture is evaporated. The weight of the dried dish is recorded as 0.5625 g. A similar 100-ml sample is filtered and the 100-mL liquid sample that passes through the filter is collected and placed in another drying dish(weight of dish before sample is added is also 0.5000 g). This sample is dried at 104°C and the dried dish's weight is recorded as 0.5325 g. Determine the concentration (in mg/L) of: (a) total solids, (b) total dissolved solids, (c) total suspended solids, and (d) volatile suspended solids, (Assume that VSS = 0.7 x TSS.)

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