A wastewater steam is discharged from chemical processing plant and it flow through a channel of length L, depth h and width W to a water treatment facility. It is desired to estimate the rate of oxygen absorption by the liquid waste stream that flows in the channel. The initial concentration of oxygen in the wastewater stream (when it leaves the processing plant) is Co. Write the complete mass transfer equation for oxygen transport in the channel. Simplify the mass transfer equation to an equation in two-dimensional coordinates.Indicate the reasons for your choice of coordinates. Express the equation in (2) in dimensionless form. List the important dimensionlessgroups and their physical meaning. Indicate the boundary conditions needed to solve the mass transfer equation for the liquid phase. Write the appropriate mass transfer equation (for the liquid phase) assuming that the liquid velocity profile in the axial direction is uniform (i.e., plug-flow). What are the appropriate boundary conditions?

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