a) You group is over budget and 3 weeks past the deadline when you notice a sign error in the analysis. You have no idea if the sign error is

significant. The contract has a late penalty of 5% per week over the deadline. Your job is on the line. A. Submit the project. B. You tell your manager who then submits the project D. C. Inform your manager, but verify the seriousness of the error. D. Find out who made the error and report to your manager. b) Your company receives a large government contract. You are not privy to the wording of the contract or financials, but you overhear your manager telling another employee to charge time to that contract for what you view as unrelated activities. A. Ignore it, your manager knows what they are doing. B. Report the situation to your manager's manager. C. Ask you manager to clarify the situation for you. D. Start looking for a new job. c) You are on a jobsite to oversee the fabrication of your design. You find that you a missing acritical component and set off to order one right away. The head wainwright, who is your llaisonwith the fabricators tells you to make sure and order 3 instead of 1 and quotes the old adage, "1to keep, 1 to loose, and 1 to use." You now know where your missing component has gone. A. Demand an investigation and fire theculprit. B. Shrug it off as the cost of doing business. C. Fire the entire unionized team. D. Order the 1 part and give a verbal warning tothe wainwrights.

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