(a)[5 Points] What is the NERC criteria that has to be verified after running a power flow? (b)[5 Points] What assumptions have to be made to solve power flow using Decoupled Newton Raphson and Fast Decoupled Newton Raphson? (c) [5 Points] What is the job of a transmission planning engineer? (d)[5 Points] State the advantages and disadvantages of Newton Rapshon method over Gauss Seidel power flow method. (e) [5 Points] State the advantages and disadvantages of FastDecoupled Newton Raphson method over Newton Raphson method. (f) [5 Points] With respect to the "Case Summary" tab in Power World Simulator, what outputs are important here for determining an effective and efficient system plan? (g)[5 Points] What is most important tool (not PowerWorldSimulator) that was used to solve the project assignment? (h)[5 Points] Why is it necessary to perform contingency analysis for system planning? (i) [5 Points] Describe what have you learnt while working on the course project? This is something you might want to include inyour resume. (j) [5 Points] Why are the solar and wind generation units not included in the economic dispatch problem?

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