A7.3. PIN-IN-SLOT THREE-BAR MECHANISM. This problem is based on Z from Exam 2, with the exact same geometry: Link 1: fixed, horizontal, R = 10 in. Link 2: moving, R

= 3 in., Point B is a pin, inserted into the slot in Link 3, \theta_{2}=105^{\circ}, \omega_{2}=10 \mathrm{deg} / \mathrm{s} \mathrm{ccw} Link 3: moving, long straight slotted link, with one end pinned to point C on the groundwith a revolute joint (A) Use the method of Instant Centers & AVRT to calculate wz. Report the direction. (B) Find the magnitude and direction of the sliding velocity at point B. Note, this is trickier than it seems.

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