Acetylcholinesterase Aerosol, Arsine, Blister (Vesicant), Blood Brain Barrier, Blood,Physiological, Boundary Layer, Chemical Weapons, Chlorine, Choking, Diborane, Heat of Vaporization, Hydrophobic or Amphiphilic, Incapacitating or Tear Gas, Increases, International Arms Control Treaty, Low, Membranes, Molecular Velocity, Naso Pharyngeal Or Lung Tissue,Nerve, Nitrogen, Persistency, Phosgene, Phospholipid Bilayer Membrane, Precursors, Pressure,Schedules/Categories, Toxicity. Pulmonary toxicants militarized as chemical agents,_____and________were the earliest agents employed in WWI. Exposure to this class of chemical agents called ______ agents have painful local effect on sensitive human tissues . Sulfur mustard and______mustard . sometimes called mustard gas Are in the class of chemical agents _____. In another chemical agents agents called _____agents are not intended to be lethal but can be under some circumstances. Another class of chemical agents _____agents cause damage to red blood cells However this symptompatic classification is not a technical description because agents grouped in this class do not all function by similar _____ mechanisms . Very toxic ____ agents are organophophorus compounds mostly phosphate esters which interfere with___ enzymes causing convulsions and death by respiratory paralysis. The evaporation rate of an agent is inversely related to the ____of a chemical agent a property important to the operational effectiveness . As the temperature increases the evaporation rate of an agent ____. Persistance depends on temperature dependent molecular properties . the enthalphy of vaporization that determines the vapour ____ near the liquid surface and the ______ that determines gaseous diffusion rate at a given temperature .The change in evaporation rate with temperature can be calculated by the knowledge of ____ for the chemical agent through the clausius clapeyron equation . The rate limiting step in agent evaporation from the liquid is molecular diffusion transport through thin surface____ For unprotected personnel_____,is the most vulnerable portal for airborne chemical agents. The most effective and fastest acting agents enter by inhalation of_____that are absorbed by high surface area_______Mobility of low molecular weight agents across biomembranes by intracellular diffusion is moderately fastexcept for two types of dense cellular membranes____:and_______The rate of absorption of agents through biological membranes by passive diffusion is greater for smaller chemical agents that are., ____one measure of which is Kow. The_____Convention is a______that prohibits production, stockpiling,and use of chemical weapons, chemical agents and their ________establishes production and use prohibitions and controls listing specific controlled chemicals on three_______Export of chemical agents and precursors and molecules having similar _________on all three lists are prohibited to States not agreeing to the convention The _____and______are the most serious TIC threat against people in confined space because of their _____perceptility and very high toxicity and rise of dispersion.

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