Activity You have been writing to demonstrate your synthesis thinking. Writing often helps us clarify and examine our own thinking. But this week you will be analyzing and evaluating the synthesis thinking of someone else's writing. Read the paragraph below and evaluate the writing for its synthesis thinking, accuracy of content and writing style and effectiveness. Your writing should be in a tone that would help the writer of the provided paragraph to better understand what is done well and what could be improved. Writing sample- Sugar is a critical crop in the human food supply and has been for centuries. The many, many uses for sugar in all cultures proves it is critical to all of us. I like lots of sugary foods and I know others do as well. Sugar also supplies a lot of energy and that is so important to feeding people. What other crops supply so much energy to so many? I think that a food that provides so much energy in a form that we all love is a key crop. Sugarcane is like other cereals although most people don't think of sugarcane as a grass (Wikipedia). The delicious seeds are very profitable as they can produce ½ pound of sugar per plant. That makes sugarcane high yielding. And cuttings can be done a couple of times each season. Lots of sunshine make the sugarcane more sweet so sugarcane is grown in tropical locations (our course). America gets its sugar from Hawaii. Sugar is used all over the world so it must have a wide adaptation. Sugar is cheap to produce and store. It can last a long, long time. Some people may say that we shouldn't promote sugar but that is not a realistic premise because people will just use other similar crops and products if we don't produce and use sugar. Honey is not a good alternative because the bee population is being damaged. Sugar beets and molasses are not as well known so they can't compete with sugar. I also just like sugar better than all the alternatives. Sugarcane is a key crop and likely to continue to be as it is a staple.

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