An experiment is performed to measure heat transfer for air at 27 °C (Pr = 0.707)which flows normal to a cylinder of diameter D that is maintained at a constanttemperature. The following Nusselt numbers are measured as a function of theReynolds number based on cylinder diameter:1. It is desired to fit a curve to the experimental data of the following form, using theleast-squares method: \frac{\overline{\mathrm{Nu}_{\mathrm{D}}}}{\operatorname{Pr}^{\mathrm{Y}}}=\mathrm{CRe}_{\mathrm{D}}^{\mathrm{m}} In this instance C and m are constant coefficients. Consider the following: Log-linearize Eq. (1) by taking the natural logarithm of both sides, such thatY= MX + B. Complete the following table:i) Based on part (i), solve the resulting 2 x 2 matrix equation to calculatenumerical values for the intercept B and the slope M.ii)

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