An industry applies to the state for a discharge permit into a highly polluted stream(zero DO, a stench, oil slicks on the surface, black in color). The state denies the

permit. The engineer working for the industry is told to write a letter to the state appealing the permit denial based on the premise that the planned discharge is actually cleaner than the present stream water and would actually dilute the pollutants in the stream. He is, however, a lousy writer, and asks you to compose one-page letter for him to send to the state. a. Write a letter from the engineer to the state arguing his case. b. After you have written the letter arguing for the permit, write a letter back-from the state to the industry justifying the state's decision not to allow thedischarge. c. If the case went to court and a judge had both letters to read as the primary arguments, what would be the outcome? Write an opinion from the judge deciding the case. What elements of environmental ethics might the judge employ to make a decision?

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