An old oil field of 250 acres with a net pay zone thickness of 100 ft is being considered for re-development. A recently core plug produced from a newly drilled well was given to the lab for the sake of rock property measurements. The core plug was of cylindrical shape with a diameter of 1 inch and a length of 2.5 inches. Resistivity of the core, 100% saturated with1200 ppm brine, was measured to be 88.4 ohm-m. The brine used in this measurement had a density of 1.1 g/cm3 and a viscosity of 1.2 cp. The temperature of the lab during the resistivity measurement was 80°F. The core was extracted and dried. Its dry weight was 70g and its weight when 100% saturated with brine was 76.31 g. a)What is the cementation factor of this core? b)Assuming that there are only oil and water in the reservoir, what is the estimated oil in place of the field in STB? Oil formation volume factor is known to be 1.1 bbl/ STB.Electrical log of the newly drilled well produced a true resistivity of 1125 ohm-meter. c)Permeability measurements of the core produced the following data: Determine permeability of the core in md by plotting and finding the trendline.Assume Archie correlations hold for the reservoir. Resistivity graph for NaCl solutions is posted on the blackboard. 1 acre-ft = 43560 ft 1 inch = 2.54 cm 1 cm? = 1.0133 x 1011 md 1 bbl = 5.615 ft

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