and says, "California needs to be carbon neutral by 2045. Our energy/electricity demand is only going to increase. We have about 14.2 million cars on the road in California and all

new cars sold in the state must be electric by 2035. Temperatures are increasing, including major heat waves, increasing building energy demand. We want to invest in technology that will help address these issues. We're considering the following: (1) Rebates for residential and commercial building ground loop installation, (2) Research into innovative drilling technology for geothermal power, (3) Research into advanced modeling and subterranean geothermal resource mapping, (4) Incentives to develop geothermal district heating, (5) Incentives to improve/reduce the cost of EGS systems.!" You craft a brief memo to him, selecting one of the 5 options that you think would be most beneficial. Write your response in the form of a standard 5 paragraph essay (Introduction, 3 paragraphs supporting your choice, conclusion). 250-500 words. You should site at least two sources of facts/information from reputable sources. Edit View Insert Format

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