Argumentative Essay Guidelines Purpose Real world and career connection: We can see argumentation in our everyday lives. In addition to essays, advertisements, brochures, slogans, speeches and presentations, and even posters

can be argumentative. This assignment will help you improve your critical thinking skills, recognize fault in other people's arguments, and present stronger arguments. College and larger concept performance: Performance in reading and writing is one of the best indicators for your college success. You will practice the writing literacy that is essential for most of your college courses such as history, arts and others. The project will especially prepare you for English 1102, which requires more research work. Course outcomes: This essay will meet several course outcomes: (1) To create, organize, and fully develop original ideas, subjects, and thesis statements in oral and written arguments using print and electronic media; (2) To engage individually and collaboratively in the writing process including prewriting, writing, editing, assessing, and revising; and (3) To become acquainted with research and documentation techniques.