as reading in the text book chapter 2 page 22, i have read that federal judges are nominated by the president and confirmed by a majority of votes in the U.S.

senate. As for the state judges ,most state judges serve for a fixed terms, whether they are appointed or chosen by a method that mixes the election and appointment processes. In other states with mix system the state bar associations has a committee recommend candidates and the governor then appoints a judge listed. Some observe claims that appointed judges are of higher average quality than elected judges. Organizations and names differ fro state to state, the state court systems are similar in general framework and jurisdictional authorities, some are three-level systems and many states have local courts of special or limited jurisdiction. Each state court system have courts of jurisdiction and trails court where dispute are initially brought and tried. In other terms they have to follow some of the rules to become judge as one of them that i just read from one of my classmates is finish an exam and pass it. i believe have the best feed back since they started theyre journy as attorneys until they becomea judge, and pass all the requirements they are asked for.

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