As the new cloud engineer, management knows you have fresh and new information. They want to begin implementing cluster technologies. This is the HW and SW they have tentatively started with: 20 HP Bladesystems 20 Dell PowerEdge Blade Servers WindowServer 2019 Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) HPE Intelligent Data Storage Platform Dell EMC Storage Arrays Base on your knowledge of clustering what recommendation or comments would you make(choose two) Mixing all the systems together and make a 40 system cluster you also state there is no problem mixing manufacture products. You recommend that they only use Dell products because they are superior to HP and do not use RHEL because is free and does not have the level of support of Microsoft You recommend two clusters one based on Dell and the other based on HP and you also suggest Windowserver2019 as the primary OS for one of those clusters and RHEL as the primary OS on the other. You suggest to management they not only have Fail Torrance with their initial systems but they will not have vendor lockout and you also suggest that with this cluster configuration they can support both Microsoft and Linux based Application and Solutions. Use HP as the primary cluster then use Dell as a HOT backup cluster, have both Sans attached to both systems for fast data storage. Window Server 2019 cannot clustering so only use Red Hat.

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