As we continue preparing for Project 1, we'll be doing some brainstorming. In essence, you'll gather information for your project with this assignment--think of it as a loose outline. Review the Project 1 Prompt before starting this assignment. Here are the instructions: Welcome to Project 1! We've started diving into rhetoric and how it's used to prompt people into action. For this project, you will pick a company or organization and analyze how they use rhetoric on their website to increase sales and/or support from their target audience(s). This project will help us reinforce the concept of PACES while also building up our academic composition skills. You have lots of options for which website you'd like to focus on. Since our next project will include cover letters and personal statements, you could pick the website of a company or school you'd like to apply to down the line. There have been a wide variety of websites analyzed for this project (including clothing companies, non-profits, restaurants, universities, and national parks)--as long as you pick a website that has enough content to work with, you should be good to go. (Note: Since we'll be doing preliminary activities as practice with 85C Bakery, that company's website may not be used for this project.) 1) Pick a website you would like to analyze for Project 1. 2) At the top of your response, write the name of the company / organization whose website you'll be analyzing for Project 1 and include a link to the website. (Note: You may not select 85C Bakery's website since we already worked with that content for a previous activity.)/nThen, do the following: List 3-4 claims the company/organization makes on their website. List 3-4 strategies on the website and briefly explain why each strategy is used. Identify the target audiences of the company / organization. Consider factors like age, gender, income, region, hobbies/interests, lifestyle, etc. Include 1-2 screenshots that are connected to some of the strategies and/or target audiences. For example, if you say one of the strategies being used is a particular color scheme (like blue and yellow), you can include a screenshot that shows the color scheme in action. O Include one quote from each of the three required sources (Lutz, Laja, and Flower texts) that are related to the website you are analyzing. o For example, if you notice that the website you've selected uses the Rule of Thirds, include the quote about the Rule of Thirds from the Laja article. O Avoid using a quote from the beginning of each reading. The quotes should be tightly linked to the website, so look further into the readings for strong quotes to include.

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