Assessment First Assessment The lesson plan is crucial if that is constructed properly and evaluated to achieve its purpose. The tutor will have a better understanding of how to take the

class ahead. The best way to understand the student's understanding is by testing their practical understanding. The students can submit their lesson plans on any subject of their expertise. The lesson plan can be evaluated. Goal: The goal is to understand whether they were able to understand the concept of the lesson plan and whether they are able to curate one. The second assessment The tutor can take a class to their own peers to understand the effectiveness of the lesson plan. If there are any alterations, they can do that in the lesson plan. The classes will be evaluated by the faculty and the peer group. As this is the first attempt, the tutors can make changes to the lesson plan. As that will help the students to construct better lesson plans for the future as there is always a gap between the theory and the practical. The assessment has to evaluate whether the goal of the lesson plan is achieved. Based on the lesson plan the students can take the class to their fellow peers and they can evaluate it. The purpose of the task is to achieve the learning objectives and goal. Formative: Written Exam The formative assessment can include a written exam that can have practical questions. Based on the situation, the students have to answer the question. Goal: The goal is to analyze the practical understanding of the student. Summative: Research Paper The summative assessment is the submission of the research paper on the effectiveness of the backward design. The students should analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of the backward design. The research should be action-based. Goal: The goal is to research the effectiveness of the backward design process. And have an understanding of whether the students were able to understand the process.