ASSESSMENT SUMMARY In this individual assignment you are required to analyse a leader of your choice that has inspired you. This should be a well-known leader, such as a business manager/ leader, a political leader, a religious leader or any other leader. It should be easy to find information about them online, in academic books, journals or other sources available. If you choose a business leader, then this should be a person who has influence on organisational effectiveness and have had an impact on business success. If you choose a political or religious leader, then this should be a well-known person who demonstrated influence on their followers in society. You will need to analyse the leader of your choice through the lens of theories, concepts and frameworks that are taught in this module. The poster will need to contextualise management and leadership theories drawing upon the module lectures and teaching materials presented in the following weeks: week 2 (classical approaches to leadership and management), • week 3 (contemporary approaches to leadership and management) and week 4 (ethical and strategic leadership).

Fig: 1