Assessment task 2: Project (Individual) Objective(s): This addresses subject learning objective(s): 1, 2 and 3 This addresses program learning objectives(s): 1.1 Weight: Task: 30% The Major Assignment requires students to use the data they collected using the questionnaire their group designed in Assessment 1, and analyse the data, and write up the results of the analysis and their implications for management. The essential tests are reliability analysis to assess the quality of the data, descriptive statistics (including the means/averages, and standard deviations), the correlations between the Independent and Dependent Variables), and multiple regressions on those variables. The output from these tests will be included in the Project Report, along with a detailed/nDue: Criteria: interpretation of the results, and a discussion of their implications for management Assessment Criteria Marks will be awarded based on the following criteria: (i) Whether the student has conducted the appropriate tests correctly (ii) Whether the student has clearly explained those tests to the "client" in non-technical language (iii) Whether the output from the statistical tests are reported and interpreted correctly (iv) Whether the student has provided a detailed interpretation of those test results, and their implications/recommendations for management/the client, and done so in clear, non-techncal language Further details on the assignment will be released through Canvas during the semester • Correctly apply statistical tests and write a comprehensive report of their data analysis for a client • Clearly explain the statistical tests used, in lay-person's language • Discuss all relevant output, and appropriately discuss its implications • Propose feasible recommendations for the client

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