Assessment Transportation plan is worth 50 marks Assessment details You will 'establish' a commercial company in Australia with a major client in an overseas country. Your company products are exported to the client. All your company's shipments are assumed to be delivered by third-party logistics companies. You use your own established company to represent your knowledge of the complexity of international freight transportation operations through a Transportation Plan. You are required to: Create a clear identity for your organization, including its commercial activities, locations of core operations, & a key product involved; and the location of your overseas major client, Clearly propose at least three (03) sales quotations, in which a specific Incoterms rule 2020 will be used in each sales quotation, for your client to import your company's product into their destination with discussing the roles, responsibilities, types of costs for each business participant (your company and the client) for every sales quotation, and stating the reasons what sales quotation you prefer, • Clearly map out at least two (02) alternative freight transportation routes for each sales quotation due to your company's obligation defined by the Incoterms rule used in every sales quotation, • Collect data of shipment cost and transit time for a detailed comparative analysis of the alternative routes and suggest the best route(s) for each sales quotation.

Fig: 1