Assignment 1 Scenario: You are required to choose any organisation, which you are working with or are familiar about (preferably a known educational institution). Assume that there is a lead role position opened and you are interested in applying for the same. As a part of screening the organization wants you to provide your portfolio in form of a presentation as an initial submission showcasing innovative strategies you prepared. This task will highlight your personal experiences as an educator together with the framework. innovations, strategies, and instructions that you applied in the classroom. The organization I am thinking of is King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research center- Jeddah and the position is Program Director of Nursing Education Department. The new innovative strategy perhaps something in relation to leadership and education (welcome your thoughts and support) The presentation will pertain to the following: Briefly discuss your profile as an educator and the characteristics you utilized for classroom instructions. [10 marks] Critically analyse different styles of innovation that can be utilized in conducting classroom sessions. [10 marks] Discuss the modern approaches in education. [10 marks] Highlight a real-life experience where you came up with an innovative technique for assessment and evaluation which made a difference in the education system of the institution. [10 marks]

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