Assignment 2: Commercial Interior Elevations and Building Sections Description For this assignment, you'll continue the commercial field survey started in Assignment 1. Now you'll be focused on vertical views and heights, drawing the interior elevations of your documented reception desk, break room, and restroom. For this assignment, pay special attention to architectural millwork. Draw the door and drawer fronts as they have been built. Also include hardware, baseboards, toe kicks, backsplashes, outlets, appliances, fixtures, equipment, toilet partitions, accessible paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, mirrors, grab bars, etc. Make note of code required vertical clearances for accessibility. Note where the current conditions are compliant as well as where current conditions violate code as applicable. Indicate dropped ceilings and include plenum space to the structural slab or roof system above. Identify and draw soffits, fascias, lighting, wayfinding signage, switches, etc. Required Materials - BID Supply kit - Weekly lectures and readings - Adobe Creative Cloud - AutoDesk AutoCAD