Assignment Instruction Book name - The Essentials of LifeSpan Development-Lives in Context by Tara L Kuther When it comes to school readiness, why is the smallest of the quintuplets, Ben, lagging behind? Can science explain why Declan is such an engaging chatterbox? How will Sofia cope when she has to visit her father in hospital again? Will school be too much for unpredictable Jara'na? What impact will her mother's university qualifications have on Haleema? And is Anastasia heading for her first tussle with authority? Discuss the topics as shown in the series and include from your textbook and/or additional resources about these lifespan topics a broader perspective. You are welcome to include your own experiences as they relate to the weekly lifespan topics. Please continue to discuss the TEMPERAMENT TYPES of each child. Please share if you are identifying with one or more of the children and why. Maybe there is a parenting style you really like or dislike, share and tell us why. Please write a minimum of one paragraph per child and family that was in this episode.