Assignment Overview Students will have to research about international conflict management as related to the topics of the course. Overall aim: Understand each the topics that we see in class and apply the theories to real life scenarios or research. Learning outcomes: 1, 2 and 4. Organisation and methodology: This is an individual assessment. Students will need research and evaluate an international conflict and how it has been resolved. Furthermore, the use of arbitration centers needs to be explained. Word count: Max. 1500 words. Resources available: Students can use course bibliography, library tools (books, newsletter, online magazines, etc.), internet, professionals from the industry, to look for inspiration on where the principles could be found in sales documentation in companies. There could be specific resources in each activity./nAssessment tasks: 1) Find ONE example for a situation (internationally) in which the resolution was reached through two different methods (conciliation, arbitration and/or litigation). Explain how these methods were applied and what was the outcome of the resolution. 2) Research about one of the arbitration centers or organizations provided. Analyse what they do, who they do it for and what is the scope of their reach.

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