The owner of a restaurant that serves Continental-style entrées has the businessobjective of learning more about the patterns of patron demand during the Friday-to-Sunday weekend time period. Data were collected from 630 customers on the type ofentrée ordered and were organized in the following table: a) Construct a percentage summary table for the types of entrées ordered. [1mark] b) Based on the percentage summary table, construct a bar chart, a pie chart, adoughnut chart, and a Pareto chart for the types of entrées ordered. [4 marks] c) Do you prefer using a Pareto chart or a pie chart for these data? Briefly explainyour preference. [2 mark] d) What conclusions can the restaurant owner reach concerning demand fordifferent types of entrées? Briefly explain. [2 marks] Suppose that the owner of the restaurant also wants to study the demand for dessertduring the same time period. She decides that in addition to studying whether adessert was ordered, she will also study the gender of the individual and whether abeef entrée was ordered. Data were collected from the same 630 customers and areorganized in the following contingency tables: e) For each of the two contingency tables, construct contingency tables of row,column and overall total percentages. [6 marks] f) Which type of percentage (row, column, or overall total) do you think is mostinformative for each gender? For beef entrée? Briefly explain. [3 marks] g) What conclusions concerning the pattern of dessert ordering can the restaurantowner reach? Briefly explain. [2 marks]

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