Problem 1. (20 points) A 90° elbow is used to direct water flow at a rate of 15 kg/s in a horizontal pipe upward. The diameter of the entire elbow is 8 cm. The elbow discharges water into the atmosphere, and thus the pressure at the exit is the local atmospheric pressure.The elevation difference between the centers of the exit and the inlet of the elbow is 35 cm. The weight of the elbow and the water in it can be neglected. Assume inviscid, irrotational flow to find the inflow pressure (can use the Bernoulli Eqn). Take the momentum-flux correction factor to be 1.03 (turbulent flow). a. Determine the gage pressure at the center of the inlet of the elbow. b. Determine the anchoring force in the vertical and horizontal directions needed to hold the elbow in place. (Ans: 63.4 N)

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