b. Please consider a glass of water (T = 298 °K) that was set on a bench top long enough for the water to reach VLE (Vapor/Liquid Equilibrium) with the constituents of the air. Please use Henry's Law to determine the equilibrium concentration of Nitrogen (expressed a mole fraction) in the water at P = 1bar. You may assume that air is 80 a/o N2. Henry's Law constant for the two major constituents of air are given below: \begin{array}{l} \text { 34 }\left(N_{2}\right)=87,650 \text { bar } \\ \text { gt }\left(O_{2}\right)=44,380 \text { bar } \end{array} c. Please use Summability to show that, h, the Molar Enthalpy of the mixture can be modeled as function of the Partial Molar Enthalpy with respect to Species 1 and Species 2. d. Please show that the Molar Enthalpy, h, is a function of Molar Enthalpy of each species at the P and T of the system. Please be certain to state any assumption(s)or theorems that were used. e. Please determine the heat duty in (kJ/mole of mixture) when 3 mole of Species 1was isothermally mixed with 2 mole of Species 2 at 300 °K.

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