(b) Proportion of a population You wish to determine whether or not a two-sided coinis fair. You flip the coin 200 times, and you get 107 heads. (i) (3 points) Let p denote the true proportion of heads given by this coin, after in-finitely many flips. Construct a 68% confidence interval for p. Does your confidenceinterval contain 0.5? (ii) (3 points) Compute the attained significance level for a one-sided hypothesis testwith null hypothesis Ho : p= 0.5 and alterative hypothesis Ha : p > 0.5. (iii) (3 points) Would the coin be considered unfair at the a = 0.10 significance level?What about at the a = 0.05 sigmificance level? (iv) (3 points) Do you think that the coin is unfair? Explain.

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