Background: Business planning requires the use of key analytical tools. Among the most important of these is a robust SWOT analysis. This assignment is designed to give you practice using this analytical tool. As you may recall from the course material, however, a strong SWOT analysis is often premised on completing and integrating other important, related analyses too. These might include a 5Cs analysis or a Porter's Five Forces Analysis. SWOT analyses are used in businesses of all sizes - very small, privately-held start-ups to large, well- established, publicly traded companies. This assignment will focus on a large publicly traded company. This will make it easier for you to obtain and assess information. (It is often much harder to get reliable information on small, privately-held companies). Instructions: Please complete and submit a SWOT analysis on Sun Life Financial. You will need to do some research on Sun Life and the industry to complete this assignment. There are a great many resources for you to use. Here is a short list of some potential sources: Sun Life Financial's website - contains filings for all publicly-traded companies in Canada; search on Sun Life LIMRA (a life insurance industry association) CLHIA (a Canadian-based life and health insurance industry association) • Benefits Canada (a trade publication) Do not go overboard with your research. You should do as much or as little research as you feel is appropriate to complete a strong SWOT analysis. Research is not a substitute for writing and editing your work.

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