BB-8, the robot shown in the picture below has been assigned a very important task to save Rey Skywalker by going towards Rey and handing over a key piece of information. BB-8 is 50 m apart from Rey and BB-8 needs to reach Rey's location within 10 seconds. Now, the makers of BB-8ensured that BB-8 can accelerate and decelerate at a constant rate and BB-8 can never move with constant velocity i.e. zero acceleration. Answer the following: 1. The acceleration needed for BB-8 to reach Rey Skywalker such that BB-8's is stationary when it starts and when it reaches Rey (10 points). 2. In the above scenario, what is the maximum velocity achieved by BB-8 and what is the velocity profile? Hint: You can demonstrate the velocity profile by developing a plot of velocity w.r.t time (10 points).

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