25Use the set of data from MER kinetic experiments to calculate by hand a set of reaction rates at fractional conversions of a design feed stream up to the design XA = 0.75 specified. Put these values into a MATLAB program, then have your program make a plot of the points of 1/-rA versus XA of the design feed stream. Use MATLAB numerical integration using trapezoids (trapz') to calculate and report the value of TPFR for this problem in units of seconds. Note: the data in your vectors must be in the correct order (from left to right or top to bottom) for"trapz" to give you the correct value of the integral. Be publish your matlab work including: (1) Your script (2) Your plot which shows all of the points and trapezoids used to numerically-determine space-time (include your name, HW5P1-F20, and the date) (3) The Command Window.

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