Being a consultant for the above project, you have also been asked to assist in reducing the NOx emissions of the above cycle. Can you recommend methods to reduce NOx

emissions and give their details? (a) Why NOx emissions are higher in diesel engines? (b) Explain the changes required for using an air conditioning system for a room as a refrigeration system for the storage of frozen food.[2.5 points] (c) If the aim is to reduce CO2 emissions from a car, would you select an engine operating on an Otto cycle or a Diesel cycle? Discuss your selection. [2 points](d) Explain the detailed operation of the Atkinson cycle, and explain why it has been used for many hybrid electric vehicles. Why does the Atkinson cycle have a higher efficiency than the Otto cycle?[2.5 points] (e) In a Rankine cycle, why is it worth bleeding off some of the steam before the HP turbine to preheat the steam entering the boiler?[1.5 points] (f) Explain adiabatic flame temperature.

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