Below are several queries and reports that the Zoo database must be able to support. There may well be many others as the Zoo analyses their business and plans for the future; therefore, you should design for flexibility as well as ensuring your ERD could answer these questions. (Each question is worth 5 marks) 1. All the animal types represented at the zOO, the class they belong to, and their conservation status. 2. The number of individuals of each animal type, ranked from most individuals to least. 4. All Australian animal types that are endangered. 5. All the individual animals looked after by a particular keeper, and the enclosures they are in. 6. The number of keepers supervised by each head keeper. 7. All the animal types represented in a particular zone. Enclosures with more than the average number of animals. 9. All the keepers who work in a particular zone. 10. The history notes about Sophie the giraffe for 2019.

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