Business Understanding: AlphaFin (AF) is a financial services company in the US. It provides services to its customers including real estate investments, mortgage loans, business partnerships, and others. The company

has accumulated a large amount of data from its transactions with its customers - the csv file (alpha.csv) contains part of such data. The company CEO is interested in learning from the past data and use it to help the company in its operations.You are one of the business analysts in the company's data science department. You have been asked to review the data in the alpha.csv file and to perform one of the supervised learning techniques to meet the company CEO's expectations.Data Understanding The alpha.csv file contains data about customer loan applications; it has eight columns. Column headings of some of the columns in the data set are self-explanatory, others are described below:Loan Amount amount of loan the customer applied for, in thousand dollars Loan Approved: whether the loan was approved or not. Y-yes, N-no Education: the highest level of education the customer has at the time of loan application Income: monthly income of the customer Credit History, whether the customer has previous credit history or not. 1=yes, 0-no Instructions for Completing the Given Task • All markdown cells in your notebook should please have formatted text, with at least two different font sizes• Create a new Python notebook, name the notebook as your own last name• Cell 1: First cell in the notebook should be a markdown cell and contain your full name and SJSU ID• Cell 2: Add a new markdown cell below the previous cell and write a business question. The business question maybe in the form of a question or a one-sentence statement about how the company may use the model developed through this analysis (.e., the results of this analysis.)• Cell 3: Add another markdown cell in which you write the following three things:- The analysis technique: Whether multiple linear regression or logistic regression would be the appropriate analysis to answer the business question you wrote in the previous cell- List of independent variables that you will use for the selected analysis- Dependent variable that you will use for this analysis Next, add as many code cells as necessary to perform the analysis you selected: write and run the code, fix any errors,and generate the output• Add a markdown cell below the code cells in previous step. In this markdown cell, please write the following:• I you conducted linear regression: (1) Evaluate the model, i.c., how good the model is (2) Write an equation of the linear regression model• If you conducted logistic regression: Evaluate the model by briefly discussing the confusion matrix and the accuracy rate.Add a markdown cell at the end of the notebook in which you should write a brief conclusion describing what the business question or purpose of this analysis was and how your analysis answers that question

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