a. Should the thermometer and the glass tube containing the liquid be set up to touch the bottom of the water bath beaker during the experiment?Why? (2 points) The thermometer

and the glass tube containing the liquid should not touch the test tube because, Touching it to the sides or bottom may break the glass and will not allow for correct temperature measurement. We have to ensure that we measure the temperature of the solution not of the glass. . Can you point out one weakness in the student's experimental design?(Hint: the student missed a step during heating the water bath with the liquid inside). (1 point) During heating the solution, the students needs to steer the solution equally distribute the heat so minimize the error. This step the students has missed. c. Select one of the safety precautions that are applied by the student, and explain it (explain why he applied it). (1 point) For safety the student conducted this experiment in fume nood. Because without this the contaminants will be spread all over the lab environment and some of these are very harmful.

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