Calculate the momentum of each of the following:

(a) a male moose of mass 4.25 × 10² kg running at 6.9 m/s [N]

(b) a city bus of mass 9.97 × 10° kg moving at5 km/h [forward]

(c) a flying squirrel of mass 995 g gliding at16 m/s [S]

2. In your own words, describe what impulse is.K/U

3. A bicycle and rider have a combined mass of79.3 kg and a momentum of 2.16 X 10³ kg•m/s [W]. Determine the velocity of the bicycle.

4. A projectile travelling at 9.0 × 10² m/s [W] has a momentum of 4.5 kg•m/s [W]. What is the mass of the projectile?



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