5. (20pt) A 2.8 cm x 5.0 cm rectangular rod is stretched from its initial length of 0.4000 m to alength of 0.4005 m. The Young's modulus of the rod

material is 95 GPa. Poisson's ratio of therod material is 0.333. Calculate the axial stress in units of MPa Calculate the transverse strain in units of microstrain (10pt) A strain gauge with a strain gauge factor of 2.10 is glued to the rod before it isstretched, aligned with the direction of stretching. A quarter bridge Wheatstone bridgecircuit is constructed, with the strain gauge as resistor R1. The strain gauge is balancedbefore the rod is stretched. The bridge supply voltage is 7.50V. Calculate the outputvoltage (in mV) of the bridge after the rod is stretched.

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