Case 1:(40 Points) A national quality consultation firm has identified the following set of activities thatmust occur to carry out an audit for one of their major clients. As the project manager of thisaudit, answer the following questions related to the project plan. Q1. Draw the Network Diagram of the project plan for the consultation firm. (13 Points) Q2. Answer the following MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions), and justify your answer for the selected questions where the justification box shown (15 Points/ 3 Points Each): 1) What is the expected project completion time:а. 54 days b. 34 days c. 61 days d. 59 days 2)What is the Slack period for task C:a. 12 days b. 3 days c. 4 days d. 11 days 3)What is the task with the longest slack time:а. Task H b. Task F с. Task B d. Task J 4) What is the slack period for task G:a. 6 days b. 5 days c. 8 days d. O days 5) What is the early start for task C:a. Day 12b. Day 25c. Day 19d. Day 16 Q3. Fill in the blank the correct answer for the following statements (12 Points/ 3 Points Each): 1. The critical path the plan is showing in the project 2. The early finish for task H 3. The late start for task D 4. The late finish for task J

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