Case 2 Description Bob Knowlton is the new head of a research project involving a proton unit, the result of a discovery. Knowlton truly enjoys his job and the challenge put before him. However, Dr. Jerrold brought in another scientist without saying anything to the team, making them feel blind sighted. Simon Fester, the new scientist, is extremely intelligent and capable but has failed to become a cohesive member of the team. However, at each meeting, Knowlton expresses only support of Fester and his contributions despite having misgivings. Knowlton is feeling so frustrated and underappreciated that he begins to look for jobs elsewhere. Without communicating this to Dr. Jerrold he finds a new job and resigns without tell the real reason he is leaving. If he would have talked to Dr. Jerrold, who he once thought of as a friend, he would have found out that Fester was being reassigned to a different project.  Diagnosis The primary issue which created this unfortunate situation is a lack of open bi-directional feedback. Dr. Jerrold did not openly communicate that he was hiring Fester, or his intentions of moving him to a different project. Knowlton only spoke positively about Fester’s performance and intellectual addition to the team. However, he doesn’t tell the truth about the situation and that Fester is making the work environment uncomfortable. Without any discussion Knowlton takes a new job but if there had been proper communication, Knowlton would know that Fester was being reassigned and Dr. Jerrold wouldn’t be left with a gap in leadership at the proton unit.