Chapter 11 Assignment Instructions: Answer the following questions regarding Chapter 11. Each question should be answered in one or two thorough, complete paragraphs. Question 1. Discuss the social mediated path of influence as proposed by social cognitive theory of mass communication. For what programs have you interacted on social media with other fans? In hindsight, what kind of influence did the media have on you? Write your answer here. Question 2. According to encoding/decoding theory, decoding is the more important part. This is from the audience perspective, but what about from the perspective of someone working in/for the media? How much thought should be put into thinking about the encoding of messages and the ideology presented? Write your answer here. Question 3. Since the public is now able to interact and report news, does this change agenda setting theory? Does anything need to be added to the theory presently to make it stronger? Write your answer here.

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