Chapter 2: Summary

Hands-On Practice Case Study

Task 1: The Website Folder. Create a folder on your hard drive or portable storage device (thumb drive or SD card) called "yoga" to contain your Path of Light Yoga Studio web page files.

Task 2: The Home Page. You will use a text editor to create the Home page for the Path of Light Yoga Studio website. The Home page is shown in Figure 2.46.

Task 3: The Classes Page.

Create the Classes page shown in Figure 2.47. A technique that improves productivity is to create new pages based on existing pages so that you can benefit from your previous work. Your new Classes page will use the index.html page as a starting point.

Open the index.html page for the Path of Light Yoga Studio website in a text editor. Select File > Save As, and save the file with the new name of classes.html in the yoga folder. Now you are ready to edit the page.

1. Web Page Title. Modify the page title. Change the text contained between the

and tags to the following:

Path of Light Yoga Studio :: Classes

2. Wireframe Main Content.

a. Delete the Home Page content paragraphs, unordered list, and contact information.

b. Configure the following text in the heading 2 element: Yoga Classes

Fig: 1

Fig: 2

Fig: 3