Chicano Park Murals Essay In at least 4 full pages, double-spaced, 12pt font, write an essay that: 1. Written in formal academic style, with thesis statement in the introductory paragraph, body

paragraphs that show engagement with the readings, and a concluding paragraph. Consult the Writing Guidelines and the Rubric I use to grade in the syllabus for more information. 2. Engage one of the murals in Chicano Park. Please include a photo of the mural you chose. You do not have to describe it in detail, but describe what drew you to this particular work: think about the symbols or the figures depicted; you may want to do a little research on them. For example, a mural of Che Guevara, the revolutionary behind the Cuban Revolution, reads: "Let me say, at the risk of seeming ridiculous, that the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love"--you would want to consider the meaning behind this and why Che is featured in the Park. You can include whatever reflective elements that you wish to share; thinking about your own state of mind, your own context, is important when considering the art that matters to you. 3. Write about why mural art is valuable to Conscientization, the critical awareness of injustice necessary for empowerment. Use the O'Connell and Empereur essays, but other readings on the nature of catastrophic suffering or on the value of art are useful too. Find some quotes that help you organize your ideas; use direct quotes and discuss what the author is arguing. 4. When using direct quotes or ideas from an author, you must cite the author's work with the page number or the web address if using a website, such as