Clerical workers at a financial institution were surveyed to study supervisor satisfaction. The response variable was the overall rating of the supervisor by the workers. Satisfaction results for thirty supervisors

were recorded. The remaining variables measure supervisor characteristics that are believed to explain overall performance. Each worker ranked the supervisor from 1 to 5 (very satisfactory to very unsatisfactory) on all variables, then the scores for each supervisor were tallied from all the workers in their department (approximately 35 workers per department). The remaining variables are as follows. (a) Fill in the missing values a, b, c, d, e, f, and g in the following ANOVA table. Analysis of Variance (b) Perform an ANOVA test at the 1% significance level. (C) In two sentences or less: Explain why Ho is rejected when the test statistic used in (b) is large. (d) Calculate and interpret the coefficient of determination. (e) Here is another ANOVA table which includes results from the linear model for the overall supervisor rating with only 1 and r, as covariates. Analysis of Variance Perform a hypothesis test to investigate whether these two variables alone are sufficient to predict the overall supervisor performance.

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