Compare I/S Composition (Topline) , Interest income10.240.58317.058.417Interest and similar income23.883.50025.228.101Intere验鞋童×p合n看(5.561218)(6.585.874)Interest and similar expense(8.929.717)(9.191.782)Net interest income10.67935211372743Net interest income14.7379216.0363J9Income from Islamio financing and investing products1.843.1792.143.020Income from Islamic financing and investment products2.822.0002.780.375Distributon on lsiamie

deposits(884390】(1,259.291)Distribution on lslamic deposits and profit paid to Sukuk hokc(831.241)(1.338.514)Net income from Islamic financing and investing produ978.780883,735Net income from Islamic financing and investment prod2,190,7681,450861Total net interest income and income from Islamie finan11.658.13212.256478Net interest income and income from Isiamie financing16924.56017,487200Fee and commission income4.804.3094.354.473Fee and commission income6.475.0455.826.623Fee and commission expense(1.859.821)(1,442,393)Fee and commission expense(2.839234)(1.972.080)Net fee and commission income3.0345482.912.080Net fee and commission income3,835.8113.654.563Net foreign exchange gain602.3301.240,355Net gain on trading securities150.818180.044Net gain on investments and derivatives6.484.708051.027Other operating income2.010.4611.888.001Other operating income(188,.5501.213.971Operating income21.681.25518.573911Total operating income23.821.65023.210.7081.Convert to common size income statement There will be a common denomintator for al%which for FAB is (24+26+28+29+30+31)and for ENBD (24+25+fee and commission income +28+29)2.Find out which how much each banks is making on 1)Nil,2)Net fee and comm.income and 3)other income.There is no good and bad here but generally banks with core bankng iperations earn more from Nll whileother banks with business and service focus may earn more from net fee and commission income3.calculate NIM for each bank(NIinterest earnining assets)Use existing numbers from the annual report and dont calculate yourself

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